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The nostr development kit to build fast, stable and efficient apps for any environment!

Why rust-nostr?

  • Multi-Language Support: We support native API's including Rust, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin and Swift so you can build nostr apps in your preferred programming language.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Write nostr apps for desktop, server, mobile, web and/or embedded devices!

  • WASM Compatibility: Most of our libraries compile to WebAssembly so that they can be integrated into web applications.

  • High performance: Powered by Rust's unparalleled performance and memory safety, our libraries offers speed, stability and reliability. The same features are extended to its bindings in other languages, ensuring optimal stability across diverse development environments.

  • Broad NIP Support: Support to most relevant NIPs.

  • Customizable: The libraries are built in modular way, allowing to build customized nostr apps.


  • Nostr: Implementation of the nostr protocol
  • Nostr Database: Databases abstraction, indexes and in-memory database implementation
  • Nostr SDK: High level nostr client library



These libraries are in ALPHA state, things that are implemented generally work but the API will change in breaking ways.


rust-nostr is free and open-source. This means we do not earn any revenue by selling it. Instead, we rely on your financial support. If you actively use any of the rust-nostr libs/software/services, then please donate.


This project is distributed under the MIT software license.